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My next car

June 5, 2008

GM announced today that it is sending the volt into production and will release it in 2010. The volt is a snazzy looking car that runs on electricity. That’s right, electricity. I have to admit, in reading the above linked article, I was like a kid reading a comic book. I couldn’t get enough.

I have often said I wanted to get the new camaro when in comes out (whenever that is), but I think this may override that as my new dream car.

GM Volt

Here is the breakdown:

The engine is electric, and can drive 40 miles on it’s own with no gas. A gas generator kicks in after that, and can take you aprox 400 more miles. News reports say this equates to giving you 150 miles per gallon of gas. Yeah.

Think of how much of a middle finger this is to the status quo… While everyone else gripes but doesn’t do anything about gas prices, you are sitting here beating the system. Wanna go on a long trip? A 600 mile drive will cost you 4 gallons of gas. Most people live than 40 miles from work, meaning your daily commute can be gasless. And according to, it will only cost an approximate 85 cents to $1.35 to charge up.