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New Slamwire Site

December 27, 2007

Thanks to some hard work by the legendary Mr. Les Taylor, we now have a new website for Slamwire INC.

Check it out at
I hope everyone had as wonderful and relaxing of a Christmas Holiday as we did.

Re: The NAR Letter

December 21, 2007

As previously posted, Slamwire received a letter from the National Association of Realtors regarding our use of the name “realtorclix”. I wanted to take this moment to let you all know that we are planning on making significant changes to the site (not just limited to name changes). These moves have been in the works for a while, and although we were waiting to release them, looks like we will go ahead and do them now.

For the record: We 100% disagree with the N.A.R.’s opinion that violates the any trademark on the word REALTOR, but it has been in our plan to reinvent the site for some time, and to fight this point would provide nothing more than a moral victory for a brand name we have left behind.

For those interested, the letter can be read here. (pdf)

Thanks for your support, more information to come…


Letters from Lawyers are never good.

December 19, 2007

To address those that are questioning:

Yes, we did receive a cease and desist letter from the National Association of Realtors today for using the name “realtorclix”.

More will come on this soon. Thanks for all your support.

h1 is nominated for a Open Web Award!

December 13, 2007 is nominated for a Open Web Award ! We are nominated in the category of “Best Niche Social Network” and voting is going on now across several associated blogs internet-wide. You can vote on any associated site, but here is a link to my favorite blog (howtosplitanatom)

As you know, we worked very hard on the site, and have some big plans for it in the next few months. WE NEED YOUR VOTES! Please spread this around!