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Clix Progressions and Facebook Obsessions

May 24, 2007

First and foremost, let me apologize for the delay in a new blog post. Slamwire has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the long awaited Clix project, which is on schedule to launch this summer. There will be so much more to report on this soon, so please bear with us.

As far as the technology world goes… I have to say that I have really been impressed lately with Facebook. I used the site in its infancy, when it was merely a college profile site with little else you could do. I liked it then, but once I left the University of Florida (the champs of football AND basketball.. but I digress), I got less interested since I got out of the loop with what was going on in Gainesville. I had a ton of frustration with myspace (read previous blog posts) which drove me back to facebook. I have been blow away.

I once thought of Mark Zuckerberg, facebook’s fresh faced founder, as a guy who had let his ego get the better of him. Turn down billion dollar buyout offers? You’re insane! You are just out of college! His remarks at the time went something like “we are focusing on building rather than selling.” Admirable, but still stupid in my mind. Until I started using his site again. Which leads me to a statement that I may get blasted for, and I hopefully will not regret saying:

Facebook is the best site on the internet. Period.

The guys at facebook headquarters are constantly innovating. The recently deployed “marketplace”, a free classified service, is brilliant. Not only can you list things for free, but you can easily advertise them in the rabid networks that continue to grow on the site. The “status” function (basically an away message for all you former AIM junkies like myself) is taken to new levels now that the site has integrated almost full functionality through SMS and mobile applications. It’s photo uploading and tagging process is so easy to use, the site is now the #1 home for online photos, with over a billion online and six million uploaded a day. Facebook is what myspace needs (and may want) to be. Its organized. Its controlled yet still free and open. And the biggest difference between the two? Facebook is useful.

But enough gushing about Zuckerberg and Company. There is only one thing that myspace beats facebook at, and that is music. Myspace was built around people’s love for bands. But the fact that music auto loads when you start someone’s page breaks one of the cardinal rules of web design (FULL DISCLOURE: I actually have music on my page, so I guess I can’t talk). My challenge to facebook: make a move to incorporate music and bands into your site. Facebook is like google in where, when they come out with something, its usually very progressive. If they can do with music what they have done with everything else, the death rattle will begin for poor ol’ Tom.