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Prayers For the Gulf Coast

September 1, 2008

Gustav is layin into the Gulf Coast right now…

Alaina and I were in Pensacola this weekend and had to cut our trip short due to the storm.  The interstate was PACKED with people running from the weather and I 65 in Escambia County, Alabama was a gridlock, forcing Alaina and I to take Hwy 31 north for quite a ways.  I now know why they invented interstates.

Anyway, I am glad we left.  I can’t believe the Gulf Coast (and particularly NOLA) is taking another hit with a storm.  Growing up down there, I just don’t remember there being hurricane problems this often.  It seems like now there are 6 storms a year that threaten or hit that area.  Anyway, I will be praying for the coast today, hope you will be too.