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Come on, let em merge!

July 25, 2007

I recently purchased a new car that came equipped with a
built in xm radio receiver. Seeing this as a sign to jump back on the
pay-for-radio band wagon, I went ahead and subscribed. I was previously a
sirius subscriber and now having seen both offerings that are out there, I have
come to the conclusion: the FCC has an obligation to let these two
companies merge.
While people will cry out that this creates a monopoly in satellite radio they
must remember that the biggest competition to subscription radio is terrestrial
radio, which is FREE. If the two companies can make the FCC understand
that, then there will be a GIANT victory for music.

If you don’t quite know how bad FM radio really is right now, take a listen to
xm, sirius, or any number of online radio stations. You will quickly see
that there is a huge amount of great new artists and songs out there that never
make it into traditional pipelines for the simple reason that they have been
determined that they wont sell beer ads. A perfect example: TK 101 (101.5
in Pensacola, FL) is a rock station I grew up listening to. If you only
knew of rock music that TK and Clear Channel spoon fed you, you would think
that Radiohead was a one hit wonder. They played “Creep” until
they were blue in the face but completely ignored the band after that, even
though they were hailed as one of the best rock bands of the 90’s. The
station decided that I didn’t want to hear it. Thanks guys. That
same station is still a joke today. Anytime I go back home, I flip it
over at least once to laugh at how they refuse to even update their
playlists…. “coming up after the breeaaakkkk… we got another non-stop
TK rock block with some Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and
Candlebox!”….. for all I know, they fired their DJ’s in 1998 and
continue to play clips of their lead ins almost 10 years later.

A satellite merger is good for music, and good for the consumer. Make it

Check out these sites for better music in your life:

And here are some great new artists I have found in the last year (thanks only
to online radio and my own exploits, not the FM guys):

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