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Ok, so, is what I have been waiting for someone to create

June 7, 2008

So I recently noticed a button on all mashable posts that said “ping”. Thinking this was a new fangled way to facilitate a trackback, I clicked it. It brought me to a site called Intrigued, I began to look into it and I realized it was what I have been saying I want for months now: a site that allows you to update your facebook status, myspace status, and twitter, all at once. I am sure that myspace only recently opening of their network is the reason no one has done this before. That being said, I absolutely love this service.

Beforehand, I had setup twitter to update my facebook status, which worked ok, but not as widely and I wanted it to. even has a google gadget and a AIM and Google talk plug in, so I can update right from there. Since I have a blackberry with google talk installed on it, I can update my statuses, wherever I may be. Is that geeky? Yes. Do I care? Nope. It’s too cool to not do.

I have always said that the technology that truly revolutionizes our life is the one that blurs the line between offline and online living. I have sat in my favorite watering holes and twittered what awesome new craft beer I was having. I have updated my facebook status as I went sightseeing around Hollywood, intentionally making my fiance jealous (she was at work, I was supposed to be at a business meeting… see me rubbing it in here, here, and here.). The point being, technology helped augment something in my offline life. Those are the type of things that take us to the next level. I feel like fits that description.


go to and signup using “landofping” as the code to get in the beta…