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My Visit to the Good People Brewery

June 7, 2008

So at the Magic City Brewfest this year, I met some good people. Specifically, I met THE Good People from the aptly titled Good People Brewing Company. They are Alabama’s newest beer brewing outfit, and they are setup right in downtown Birmingham. Their brown ale was at the festival, and Stuart Carter (Free the Hops President) called it the best he had had of that style. In passing, one of the Good People told me I should stop by the brewery sometime. There was an email waiting for him the next morning to take him up on it. Careful what you offer me, folks. I will come-a collectin.

Anyway, GP’s Michael met us downtown and walked us into their 5 Points Brewery setup. For those who don’t know, if you walk just past the 5 Points Grill, there is a sign with their name on it over a giant window looking into the second story of their brewing equipment. Read more after the jump….

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Mommy, where do beers come from?

June 6, 2008

Tonight I am going to visit the brand new Good People Brewing Company in 5 points South. After sampling a few of their awesome beers at the Magic City Brewfest, I am psyched to see their operation. The Good People Brown Ale was one of the most popular beers at the festival this year, and they should have them available soon at a few local bars.

Dag nabit, they are just good people.
Dag nabit, they are just good people!