Godaddy.com’s Quick Blogcast: Total Ripoff

August 26, 2008

For those that remember the first version of this blog, it was hosted with godaddy.com using their Quick Blogcast Service.  Now I am at wordpress.com, and I have never looked back.  My reason for going with Godaddy was simple.  It costs a few bucks a month, so I assumed it would be much more solid than all of the free versions out there.  Boy was I wrong.  How does Quick Blogcast come up short?  Let me count the ways:

1.  SPAM, SPAM, and more SPAM. I got (at least!) 10 SPAM Trackbacks a day for zoo sex, cialis, or something else revolting.  When I finally had enough, I sent an email to support, and this was their reply:

Dear Jarrod Morgan,

Thank you for contacting online support.  You will need to ban IP addresses for the creator of the trackback to be prevented from creating new trackbacks from that IP.

Blocking and Allowing IP Addresses in Quick Blogcast
Managing Trackbacks in Quick Blogcast

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Excuse me?  Ban IP addresses?  Why, your exactly right!  Surely this is a fool proof way to foil spammers!!

What is this, 1998?  Blocking an IP address will do absolutely nothing, especially since they all come from different addresses, and spammers are not likely to use the same one again anyway.

2. Clunky design. After using wordpress and it’s easy interface, I don’t understand why I suffered through the poorly designed flash that godaddy uses.  It has strange pauses, and it generally takes 3 or 4 steps to log in and post something.  While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it really discourages spontaneous blog posts (like this one).

3. Strange Characters. Very often, an apostrophe or some other character will look fine in the window where I am entering in a new entry.  But upon publish it turns to gibberish in the RSS feeds, making me look like I don’t know what I am doing.

Lastly, let me say this.  Godaddy on the whole is a solid company.  I really admire Bob Parsons, the founder and personality behind the company.  He is innovative in his marketing, and took a very sleazy industry (web hosting and domain names) and became the #1 brand name by treating customers ethically.  He even made godaddy a safe haven for people who were scammed by registerfly.  Heck, I even have a poster of his 16 Rules for Life and Business hanging in my home office (it’s very inspirational, if you haven’t before, go read it).

This is just one product that they completely missed on.


I have found my graceland, and guess where…

August 5, 2008

Check out the new “Gateway of Champions” at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. It honors all the past gator football greats while I think it will seriously help in recruiting for the future. I smell a road trip!


Josh Hamilton = Superhuman

July 15, 2008

I know I have been lax on the blog updates.. but I’ve been busy with several exciting projects I will talk about soon.  But I had to share this…

For those who don’t know who Josh Hamilton is, he was the #1 Baseball Draft Pick by my Tampa Bay Rays in 1999.  Hope were high for him as he was labeled the next A-Rod, but a car wreck and a fall into drug addiction put his career and life in jeopardy.  After the Rays gave him chance after chance, he was banned from baseball and told to go clean up his life before he even made it out of the minors.  The story is well publicized, he almost died, and ended up on his grandmother’s front porch, starving and begging for help.  She nursed him back to health, and he slowly kicked his heroine addiction.

During his journey back, Josh even appeared on AE’s Flip This House, where he worked for Richard Davis’ construction team while Richard taught him life lessons.  At the end of the show, Josh began playing independent baseball again.

After three years out of organized baseball, Hamilton began his slow climb back, eventually landing with the Rangers in the major leagues this year.  Never one to hide his past, he has always been open about his demons, and advised young people to not make the same mistakes he did.

We all love a story of redemption, and Josh’s rookie year has been breakout.  The one time phenom even made the all-star team!

So fast-forward to last night.  After years of struggle, mistakes, and a long journey back, Josh Hamilton entered the major league home run derby. And in what was probably one of the most redeeming nights of his life, Josh lit the world on fire on the grandest of stages: the soon-to-be defunct “House That Ruth Built” (Yankee Stadium).

So take a few minutes and watch the video below and revel in a man’s moment… his resurrection to all that he was supposed to be. Josh Hamilton blasted a record 28… wait… 28!!!…  homers in the first round, with some of them being some of the biggest bombs I have ever seen in Yankee Stadium.  My only regret is that he doesn’t play for Rays.


Sirius+XM: One step away?

June 16, 2008

As I mentioned a while back, I am totally behind the (long ago) proposed merger of Sirius and XM satellite radio. I have now had subscriptions to both, and I can say that they both have different strong points, but together they would offer the consumer a product that exceeds anything we have ever had on the radio.

An article came out today saying that the FCC is backing the merger. The Justice Department already signed off on it in March (saying it wasn’t a monopoly). We are one vote away from satellite radio bliss.

There is a reason I am so passionate about this, and it is pretty simple. Terrestrial radio sucks. Plain and simple. I should do a blog post on how many songs and bands TK101 in Pensacola ruined for me growing up. Yes, TK. I like Pearl Jam and Tool. But ever hour 15 years?!? Seriously? You ruined it for me. Thanks. Same with Soundgarden, Metallica… you name it. TK101 is like so many other soulless Clear Channel stations around the word. They sterilize the content they broadcast to meet a corporate standard, and in the end, we are left with the same crap on the radio. The only good, terrestrial radio left in Talk stations, and that is simply because sports talk and news talk take into account what people want to hear at a LOCAL level.

I have seen numerous bands get a major local following, but never be able to break onto local radio stations simply because, if you are popular in Birmingham, they haven’t heard of you in corporate headquarters in New York. Again… the fans and bands get hosed when the stations choose to play thier 4000th Garth Brooks (this month) song over the wildly popular Zac Brown Band.

This is why I like satellite radio. While it may seem that centralizing the company behind the station might lead to less choices on the dial, the sheer number of stations and the addition of subscription revenue allow Sirius and XM to offer a very wide variety of music. Don’t like what you hear on this station? Change it to another one.. we own that one too. Terrestrial radio has few goals, and one of the biggest one is for you to NOT change the station. Changing the station means lost revenue from advertisers. And don’t forget.. if a new band comes out and young people like it, then they will have a tough time making it on a station that sells ads to beer companies. Why? Because the stations have to show that their listers average age is over 21 in order to carry that type of ad. So this means TK 101 will continue to play Pink Floyd ever friggin hour to keep that miller cash train a rollin. I am as big a business guy as anyone, but you always have to keep your eye on the product you deliver. I hate you, TK101.

Anyway… with the a la carte options they are promising and ease of roll out, I am so stoked that this merger could lead to me being able to listen to all MLB, NFL, and NCAA games coast to coast, without changing the channel. DISCLAIMER: I am realistic, so I know that these two companies becoming one could be a problem down the road. Business power could equal some of the same problems that the Clear Channel madness has. But for the foreseeable future, I think this will be an awesome development.


The sexiest blog on the web!

June 12, 2008

Alaina, my beautiful bride-to-be, has finally joined the blogosphere. Check her out at alainafaith.wordpress.com

Oh yeah.. I'm dating up.


Ok, so, Ping.fm is what I have been waiting for someone to create

June 7, 2008

So I recently noticed a button on all mashable posts that said “ping”. Thinking this was a new fangled way to facilitate a trackback, I clicked it. It brought me to a site called ping.fm. Intrigued, I began to look into it and I realized it was what I have been saying I want for months now: a site that allows you to update your facebook status, myspace status, and twitter, all at once. I am sure that myspace only recently opening of their network is the reason no one has done this before. That being said, I absolutely love this service.

Beforehand, I had setup twitter to update my facebook status, which worked ok, but not as widely and I wanted it to. Ping.fm even has a google gadget and a AIM and Google talk plug in, so I can update right from there. Since I have a blackberry with google talk installed on it, I can update my statuses, wherever I may be. Is that geeky? Yes. Do I care? Nope. It’s too cool to not do.

I have always said that the technology that truly revolutionizes our life is the one that blurs the line between offline and online living. I have sat in my favorite watering holes and twittered what awesome new craft beer I was having. I have updated my facebook status as I went sightseeing around Hollywood, intentionally making my fiance jealous (she was at work, I was supposed to be at a business meeting… see me rubbing it in here, here, and here.). The point being, technology helped augment something in my offline life. Those are the type of things that take us to the next level. I feel like ping.fm fits that description.


go to ping.fm and signup using “landofping” as the code to get in the beta…


My Visit to the Good People Brewery

June 7, 2008

So at the Magic City Brewfest this year, I met some good people. Specifically, I met THE Good People from the aptly titled Good People Brewing Company. They are Alabama’s newest beer brewing outfit, and they are setup right in downtown Birmingham. Their brown ale was at the festival, and Stuart Carter (Free the Hops President) called it the best he had had of that style. In passing, one of the Good People told me I should stop by the brewery sometime. There was an email waiting for him the next morning to take him up on it. Careful what you offer me, folks. I will come-a collectin.

Anyway, GP’s Michael met us downtown and walked us into their 5 Points Brewery setup. For those who don’t know, if you walk just past the 5 Points Grill, there is a sign with their name on it over a giant window looking into the second story of their brewing equipment. Read more after the jump….

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