My Visit to the Good People Brewery

June 7, 2008

So at the Magic City Brewfest this year, I met some good people. Specifically, I met THE Good People from the aptly titled Good People Brewing Company. They are Alabama’s newest beer brewing outfit, and they are setup right in downtown Birmingham. Their brown ale was at the festival, and Stuart Carter (Free the Hops President) called it the best he had had of that style. In passing, one of the Good People told me I should stop by the brewery sometime. There was an email waiting for him the next morning to take him up on it. Careful what you offer me, folks. I will come-a collectin.

Anyway, GP’s Michael met us downtown and walked us into their 5 Points Brewery setup. For those who don’t know, if you walk just past the 5 Points Grill, there is a sign with their name on it over a giant window looking into the second story of their brewing equipment. Read more after the jump….

This was the first time I had ever been in a brewery, so I was quite excited. Michael informed us we were actually his first tour, but you wouldn’t know it. He knew his way around the brewery quite well. After showing us the newest batch of brown ale (pictures of it bubbling over into a bucket below) he even let us sample their first batch of pale ale. It was young and yeasty, but you could tell it was on it’s way to being quite good.

Seems like they did extensive work to get the place up to snuff, but it was very clean inside (the sign of a good brewer). We were informed that the brown ale will be available at the J. Clyde and 5 Points Grill very soon, and that it will be entered into the Great American Beer Festival this year. Root for the local boys!!

Here are a few pics we snapped from the inside…

Good People Brewing Company - Michael

Micheal, our awesome brewer/tour guide

EDIT: Pictures are courtesy of Alaina Sisson, my lovely bride-to-be.  I was too busy dancing around Willy Wonka’s factory to think about photos.


  1. Credit pictures to me.

  2. happy now? 🙂

  3. yes. thank you.

  4. Looks tasty, can’t wait to try the offerings from good people brewing!

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