Pandora is the best web 2.0 application yet.

April 7, 2008

Most of you have probably heard of Pandora, the radio-ish music site based on “the music genome” project that lets you stream music over the web for free. Many other sites let you do that (grooveshark!!) , but none as easily, or as ACCURATE as pandora.

The genome project game them a great way to classify music as if it was DNA, allowing them to predict what songs you will like based on songs you have gave the thumbs up to. Yahoo Music did this also, but it is no where NEAR as accurate as Pandora. And yahoo has ads if you don’t pay.

The thing I like most about Pandora is the fact that it appeals to EVERYONE. No one will look at this and go “what good is that?” Almost everyone loves some type of music, and the prospect of finding more that you will like is a universal appeal. Facebook is great, myspace is huge, people love blogs and twitter… but no web 2.0 development is as universally appealing as pandora.

Check out some of my stations that it created me, based on songs I like:

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