Freeing the Hops

March 21, 2008

I have been involved with the Free the Hops organization for a year now. For those who don’t know what Free The Hops is about (from our FTH website):

Free The Hops | Alabamians For Specialty Beer (FTH) is a
grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to help bring the
highest quality beers in the world to Alabama. Commonly referred to as
craft beers due to the skill and artistry required to brew them, they
are also appropriately classified as specialty or gourmet.

The world’s finest and most expensive beers are prohibited in Alabama
as result of the state’s current alcohol by volume (ABV) and container
size limits for beer. Beverages defined as beer under Alabama law
can contain no more than 6% alcohol by volume (ABV) and can be sold in
containers no larger than 16 ounces.

Meanwhile beverages defined as
wine can contain up to 24% ABV and have no container size restrictions.

(Note: Under Alabama law, wine is further divided into “table wine” which has a limit of

14.9% ABV and “fortified wine” which has a limit of 24% ABV.)

Likewise, liquor can contain up to 100% ABV and can be sold in any size
container under Alabama law.


just a few weeks ago, the first step in HB195 (the Gourmet Beer Bill in the House of Rep’s in Alabama) passed. The next step is to pass the other house, then be signed by the Governor. But we didn’t pass without a spirited debate. I am not going to say anything about the video below other than this:

1. It’s highlights of this years debates

2. it contains serious “jumping to conclusion” by bible thumpers who want us to return to prohibition

3. And at exactly 5:33 into the clip, Rep. Alvin Holmes of Montgomery is un-freakin-believable. How someone like that can get elected to the State house is beyond me. It’s an embarrassment to the state of Alabama.


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