The 3 Post Rule for Bloggers

March 13, 2008

I have a new rule that I would like to throw out there. I read alot of blogs; several from people who claim to be “professional bloggers”. But you cannot have a professional blog if you do not have three updates per day. Why three? Because your average RSS feed defaults to showing the last three entries. So, if you only put one update per day, on the third day, I still see a two day old entry on your RSS feed. There are no exceptions. If you want to hold people’s interest and build up steady traffic, then you must post three times a day.

Maybe this makes no sense to some people who don’t read blogs, but it makes perfect sense to me. For the record, I have NEVER intended this blog to be a professional blog, so there is no need for me to live by the 3 post rule. But for those who do want to be pros (i.e. people who want to make a living blogging) then three posts per day (excluding holidays and weekends) is a minimum.

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