Other than the end of star wars, what can make Robert Scoble cry?

February 15, 2008

Microsoft researchers have made Robert Scoble cry. And not in that “give me your lunch money” way that I am sure Robert dealt with in school, but in a “we are the world/superstars sing for charity” way. The ‘Softies have made a new product that has him all in a tizzy, saying it will change his children’s world, and likening it to the moment he first saw the apple II and the first time he saw the internet. Thats a big billing. It is supposed to drop Feb 27. We’ll see.

I also wanted to rave about TokBox. If you haven’t had a chance to check out TokBox, do it. Get a webcam and do it. It’s a way to send video mail and cam chat live, right from your website, blog, myspace or facebook page. Don Kassner and I have been messing with this a while now and loving it. This gives you a pretty good look at what they do:

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