HotOrNot…? We have the answer!

February 12, 2008

When we all get going in the web entrepreneur world, we all hope that we have an idea that really catches on. Add another name to the list of success stories…

James Hong is a guy I have never met, but none the less have admired from afar for quite sometime. He is the cofounder of HotOrNot.com. I am sure you all remember HotOrNot from the web 1.0 generation. You rated people’s “hotness” on a scale of 1-10, rapid fire. He also built a very successful pay dating site around it. It was fun, addictive, and a very simple, yet original idea. The site never had to take venture funding and made piles of cash. What I like about James is that he is both intelligent and down-to-earth at the same time. To get a good idea of who he is, check out this interview Guy Kawasaki did with him (among others) a while back. He even jokes that when he snuck his picture on there, he was rated around a 6. But when he uploaded his pic and indicated he was the founder of the site, he went up to an 8. He says that he understands that he is really a 6.

While James had manged to keep the site making money for seven years, he finally sold the site, for a reported 20 million. The site was well designed and appealed to a broad array of people. Good to hear that another good guy got paid. Congrats James!

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