Google Envy…

February 11, 2008

So yahoo boldly turned down microsofts 40+ billion buy out offer. Then they respond by flirting with….. AOL ? Gross. There is little upside for consumers if yahoo gives in to Microsoft, seeing as it will probably just turn msn into a yahoo portal and add no real value to anything. And if yahoo and AOL merge… I dunno. What really does that mean? Instant Messenger will now pop up all the time and tell me I have an unread yahoo mail even when I don’t use it? There are some cool things that yahoo does (I really enjoy their sports offerings and fantasy football setup). But I don’t see a whole lot to gain from any of these moves as an internet user.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, in an apparent attempt to BUY innovation, bought up “Danger”, the makers of the sidekick cellphone line. Maybe this can help improve the god-awful windows mobile line, but I bet it won’t. Sorry to be such a cynic, but Microsoft hasn’t put out a product that I whole-heartedly liked in at least half a decade.

Anyway… while all this trudges on, google has its first “g phone” with android appear at a conference in Europe, and it looks pretty cool. There is no doubt who the industry leader is in the tech biz right now.

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