Innovate or Litigate

November 29, 2007

A recent post on Mashable raised my blood pressure. There is nothing I can’t stand more than businesses/people/anything that fights positive change. In this post we learn that the AP is attempting an elaborate movement on the internet to control the flow of news around the internet, so as to regain control of the information across the globe. Stop guys. Your embarrassing yourself.

Whether we are talking about a person or a business, this truth remains the same. Those that do not evolve get left behind. It seems the AP is doing what the music industry did (here I go again) in the early 2000’s. Instead of embracing the public’s demand for cheap/free music in digital format, it responded violently by waging lawsuits on it’s customers that had downloaded songs from p2p networks. Wow. What a ground breaking business strategy. Let’s SUE our customers!!! They will be more loyal than EVER! Johnathan Schwartz of SUN had a great post on this (from which I borrowed the title of this post).

The AP is attempting to do the same thing here. They are trying to beat the internet back into a box where they control the flow of information, and therefore, continue to make money through their current model. Anyone can see that there is zero chance of restricting the flow of information in todays world, so this just won’t work.

What they SHOULD do, is spend those resources on finding a way to evolve into an entity that THRIVES on the free flow of information. While I don’t know what that solution may be, I promise it’s out there. It just never ceases to amaze me that, when someone is presented with change, they respond by fighting progress.

Progress makers make the history books, progress fighters do not.

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