Grooveshark is the greatest thing to hit music since napster

November 29, 2007

Ok, let me start this post off by disclosing that I am a proud alum of the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!!!! Reigning champs x 3) and the following product I am writing about is a product of fellow gators and based out of Gainesville. Now that I have said that…

The best things from Gainesville in the last 3 years are:

Urban Meyer/Billy D
<img src=”/images/23209-22116/floridax.jpg” border=”0″ width=”245″>

The 04’s (+ Lee Hump)
<img src=”/images/23209-22116/fab5.jpg” border=”0″ width=”434″>

<img src=”/images/23209-22116/leak_and_tebow.jpg” border=”0″ width=”220″>

Grilled Wings at Gators Dockside
<img src=”/images/23209-22116/225_10933_SweMesWing.jpg” border=”0″ width=”225″>

and Grooveshark

<img src=”/images/23209-22116/grooveshark_logo.jpg” border=”0″ width=”150″>

I have to share how unbelievable grooveshark is.

First off… the technical: It’s a program you can download for free that works in conjunction with their website that allows you to listen to and purchase music.

The awesome part: you can stream music, make playlists… unlimited… FOR FREE. And.. if you want to download a song, it’s only $0.99… DRM free.

The awesome-er part: The site is set up as a p2p network where you will download songs from other users. The beauty of the setup is that, when you purchase a song, the user who uploaded the song gets paid, the artist gets paid, and the label gets paid. Hence their slogan… “everybody gets paid”. So you could, theoretically get paid for that massive catalog of Ben Folds tunes that you secretly blast when you think no one can hear ( I’m looking at you, Jason Rupert).

And what is best, they now have a Create Mix function that auto-generates a playlist based on a song (or songs) you like. Fantastic. It’s over, I’m a complete fanboy.

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