Choosing a Domain Name

November 28, 2007

Recently, a few new projects have come our way that have required us to purchase a domain name. I always struggle with this part of the startup because so much is wrapped up in the name of your site. Mapping the web had a great post on this.

Generally, I shy away from anything but a dot com. Dot net’s are worthless, because generally, a person will automatically think your site is a dot com and go to <yoursitename>.com instead of .net. Remember, many people here domain names in passing, and it must stick in their mind.

Crazy spellings can work, but not too crazy. I know, I know…. we used an X in realtorclix… but that seems to work to me.

The craziest domain that I have ever seen work is del.icio.us. Whoever thought that up had to have told his partners, “It’s so crazy, it just might work”.

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